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Stretching Spaces

Stretching::Spaces is a new net.label located in Bulgaria. We are focused, but not limited to the diversity of drum and bass. We also release quality and innovative xeperimental, chillout and downbeat music.
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Stretching Spaces
A glimpse of what is about to happen in Queller 4's Kid Frame album. Enjoy a universe of percussions, gentle ambient sounds and catchy speech samples. All artworks by Queller 4.
Topics: instrumental, experimental, idm
Substatic is bulgarian project by Atanas Valkov (Substatic) and Janko Cvetkov (YGT). Enjoy two crafted drum and bass tunes :).
Topics: dnb, breakbeat, drum and bass
Heavy cuts n breaks from DJ Darkstep. Strictly for the oldskool headz :)
Topics: breaks, breakbeats
Two spacey chilled tracks by upcoming bulgarian producer Equivallentium.
Topics: downbeat, chill out, ambient
Two futursistic and euphoric and two more chilled drum and bass tracks ot this EP by talaented young producer X-Ray.
Topics: drum and bass, atmospheric, intelligent
The ReBeat has been DJing and producing for several years mow. The name of this release says it all - deep, moody and distorted.
Topics: instrumental, experimental, dnb, breaks
Glitchy soundscapes, floating microsounds, chopped breakbeats... for all of you who think "experiment" is not a bad word.
Topics: drum and bass, dnb, idm, experimental, ambient
Analogue beats and chords, abstract vocal snippets and warm atmosphere.
Topic: experimental
Spacey drum and bass from TeeRexX, both deep and intelligent tunes.
Topics: atmospheric, intelligent, dnb, drum an bass
Our 10th release showcases Kaparo' In 64th Room, a nice piano-driven ambient piece. Also includes a diversion and a remix.
Topics: instrumental, ambient
First release on by a young bulgarian DJ and producer Sequel.
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Topics: dnb, drum n bass, breakbeats